Introducing Our Team

Vishnu KK Founder Drishya Weddings

Meet Vishnu, the visionary founder and creative force behind Drishya Wedding, a captivating tale of two brothers from Malappuram, Kerala, who dared to dream. From humble beginnings, Vishnu embarked on a remarkable journey, inspired by his brother's footsteps, to carve a full-time career in photography. With an innate passion and unwavering dedication, he has seamlessly woven his craft into the fabric of celebrity events and glamorous fashion shoots, proving that success is the product of passion and hard work.

"To bring forth smiles, capture memories, and experience the present moment, my aspiration is to make people feel connected to those instances for a lifetime." - Vishnu

Vaishnav KK Co-founder, Drishya Weddings

Meet Vaishanv, the visionary co-founder of Drishya Photography, where moments become timeless masterpieces. Vaishanv captures love stories with a delicate balance of passion and precision. His lens doesn't just freeze moments; it etches emotions onto film, crafting narratives that speak volumes without uttering a word. Entrusting him with your special day guarantees not just photographs, but a visual symphony that echoes the love shared and the joy felt.

“As a photographer, I see 'Drishya' not just as a name but as a representation of vision and sight. It mirrors the tradition of bonding, love, and happiness captured through my lens.” - Vaishnav KK